CareerSetGo offers a wide range of personalized services that will help you wherever you may be in your professional journey.

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About Our Services
  • Free Consultation

    Websites and emails are great but nothing takes the place of having a conversation about what you need and how (and if) I am the right career coach for you. It’s impossible to cover every scenario and so feel free to contact me to set up a consultation.

  • Tangible Tools in a Job Search

    Do you need a resume created, tweaked, updated, revamped? Is it effective both on paper and on-line for your job search? Is your LinkedIn profile exceptional and highly attractive to recruiters and companies? My expertise will help you create your marketing materials to showcase your experience and key accomplishments.

  • Career Strategies and Search Support

    Making a job transition – whether it’s your choice or the company’s  – can be a stressful time. Conducting an efficient job search campaign should not add to the stress. I work with clients to create a plan, timeline and action steps to get your job search up and running.

  • Interview preparation

    I offer interview preparation – a mock interview to shake the nerves, prepare and practice key questions and strategize about how best to cover gaps, shortfalls and pitfalls during an interview. We’ll talk about phone interviews, video interviews and face to face meetings too.

  • Late stage career planning

    I work with clients who are within 10 years of retirement and who’s career goals are changing. Perhaps consulting is in your future, or part time work? Sometimes we explore shifting our energy from a full-time all-consuming career to work that is more mission driven and purposeful. It’s not an overnight solution. But like your retirement financial plan, you should have a career plan too.

  • Career Boot Camp

    For those who have been out of the loop when it comes to job searching in todays digital age and need to quickly get resume completed, LinkedIn created or updated, interview prep skills toned and overall networking strategy in place in quick succession (4 meetings in 4 weeks), this might be a great option for you.


While there are similarities to all of them, there are also differences.  

A career consultant is hired to give you as many answers as possible in their area of expertise, provide direct advice and be action oriented.  

A career coach helps to guide and motivate you as you work to create new outcomes.  It’s a positive approach that focuses on client’s capabilities and helping him or her practice and hone skills needed in a job search.  Coaching is active, positive and outcome focused.

A career counselor focuses on emotions, feelings and finding the “why” a client may be having difficulty in navigating career issues.  A career counselor usually works in higher ed (Career Centers) or may be trained in more conventional counseling techniques and therapy.  

While I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling and believe understanding the total person is great if time allows, my approach with clients is primarily consulting and coaching to help find the more efficient ways to achieve client’s goals faster.

I am NOT a life coach, I am NOT a therapist.  

Sessions are generally 1 hour.

No.  While I can generally tell you how many meetings would be best, clients are certainly able to purchase meetings one at a time.  

I am not a headhunter/recruiter and referring clients to recruiters is not the service I provide.  If needed, clients will learn where to find recruiters, how to engage with them and what to expect when working with them.

While I offer hours during the work week, I also offer evening and weekend hours when it’s necessary and helpful for clients.  Time and location (in person or virtual) will be discussed during our first consultation.

Each client engagement begins with a 30-minute free consult.  We need to be sure that this relationship is right for each of us and that you will derive benefit from what I offer.

Generally, my rate is $120 per hour.  

I have been a Senior Vice President of Human Resources for many years, hiring, interviewing, screening and assessing candidates.  In my work as a Senior Certified Career Consultant I have helped hundreds of professionals in almost every industry work through career transitions, create their own marketing materials and improve their presentation, interviewing and negotiation skills.  I also have a Masters Degree in Counseling so that I am mindful of the emotional toll changing jobs and making career transitions can take.

The work that we do together will always be kept confidential.  

What Are Your Career Goals?  Let’s talk!

I partner with clients to be sure that YOU recognize and believe in the strengths and skills you offer, can articulate them and to target your resume, interview responses and network to get the position you want.