Providing clarity, confidence and partnership to help you through career transitions.
Providing clarity, confidence and partnership to help you through career transitions.

"It's more than just a resume"

Mary Aceto - Career Consultant

I will help you recognize and believe in the strengths and skills you offer and can articulate them with confidence. Then we partner together on job search strategies and create strong supporting materials so that you feel great about networking, interviewing and landing the job you want.

My mission is to put you in control of your career decisions. My goal is to have you looking forward to Monday mornings again!

About Mary

What Are Your Career Goals?

I work with individuals who are at all stages of their professional life. You may find that you “see yourself” in one of the groups listed below. But regardless of what has brought you to my site, if you need a free consult to talk through your professional goals, I would be delighted to speak with you.

New Grads/New Career

So you finally graduated and accepted a position that sounded right but now you realize it’s all wrong. Or maybe your college major doesn’t quite match what you REALLY want to do. Maybe you need a partner to talk it through and create a plan of action.

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Mid Career/Looking For Change

Maybe you see the writing on the wall. Things aren’t looking too good for you. Or maybe you’re uninspired and need a change. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate work life balance as a priority. Maybe the recruiters are calling and you aren’t fully prepared to have your candidacy presented to a company. Whatever the reason, it can be stressful to go it alone. We can work together so that you are able to take control of your future!

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Late Career/Finish Line In View

Maybe you have 5-10 years to go. Commute is awful. Money is good. Going through the motions but uninspired and looking for purpose in this last career stretch. Time to talk about options/tradeoffs/a solid plan.

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Retirement/What's Next?

Maybe the closer the retirement date comes around the more anxious you become about what to do with your free time. Sure, golf every day sounds great but still, there’s room for more. Let's talk about opportunities in these post retirement years to contribute to the business world or community through meaningful volunteerism.

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What Are Your Career Goals?  Let’s talk!

Client Testimonials

"Henry B"

Mary Aceto was the most helpful and enthusiastic coach. I would recommend her as a valuable resource for anyone unemployed or employed but looking for new opportunities.

"Evelyn B"

Mary’s coaching was of great value in relation to the stage of my career. Discussions were always on point and very helpful.


Working with Mary helped put me at ease in a stressful period. She gave me great action steps to take and went out of her way to connect me with some people to network with. She was invested in my success and I felt I had an ally in my transition from unemployed to self employed.

"Andrew G"

I always felt positive after our meetings. Mary shared a lot of valuable information about searching for the right job. She is amazing!

"Joe O"

When I first met with Mary, I thought I was so unique in that I was a 50-year-old guy who really wanted to shift gears and do something different. Mary totally listened, validated and made me feel that I had a partner working with me to make this happen.

"Kathy K"

I had the immense good fortune to work with Mary Aceto, a top-notch consultant with whom I had great rapport.

"Karen K"

I worked with Mary Aceto and found her to be warm, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We hit it off right away. She gave me excellent advice on my career transition and multiple resources to utilize. She helped me self-assess in a calm experienced way and helped me immeasurably in taking the next career steps.

"Dan K"

Mary Aceto is a fabulous coach and support.

"Gail P"

At the time I was laid off, I had very few job searching skills having been at only one job since my post doc 23 years ago. I had never had professional help with my resume. I was inexperienced in social media and networking. I was naïve in my understanding of how recruiters work. Under the guidance of Mary Aceto, I learned all these skills. She was extremely useful for practicing interview questions and an overall pleasure to work with.

"Nathan S"

A great experience usually comes down to people and Mary Aceto is an exceptional career coach and consultant. She was quick to identify the strengths in my job search, helped me sort things through and made herself available on a weekend when I had an offer pending that I needed to discuss negotiation strategies.

"Sarah O"

Mary’s professionalism in a difficult situation is exemplary. She provided ͞grounded͟ guidance and support.

"Chinmoyee K"

Mary has a great insight in assessing your abilities and recommending what is the next best step to take. She quickly begins to help you plan actionable items that can help in completing the next steps. She is very talented, personable and really cares about your well being. I really enjoyed working with her .

"Bill O"

Meeting with Mary has been extremely useful for me in narrowing down my search strategies. As someone in a career transition, the situation is a bit trickier than just finding another job and mary handled it expertly, with a creative approach and high enthusiasm.

"Jeanne I"

Mary Aceto is great! She is knowledgeable and supportive. She is a great communicator whose positive outlook is contagious. Clone her!

"Tom C"

I thought I knew what I needed to know. Wow, was I wrong. Mary slowed me down and prevented me from moving too fast to get resume done. We worked together to identify my strengths, interests and accomplishments and made sure I was focused on the right things. Great counsel and easy to work with.

Changing jobs, changing industries or changing career focus requires far more than changing a resume! My experience as a career coach, a former HR executive and a Master’s level counselor can bring both the tangible tools and the confident mindset to help you take your next professional step forward.

What Are Your Career Goals?  Let’s talk!